Monday, February 6, 2012

Theresa Anderson: Oakland Green Party Candidate: At-Large City Council Seat

If there was a photo for "comeback kid" it would be that of The Oakland Green Party's Theresa Anderson. Ms. Anderson seeks the City Of Oakland At-Large Seat currently held by Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan. The qualifications Theresa brings are from the perspective of a new-comer to politics, who rose up from a hard-scrabble life of drugs and other problems, to where she is today, working as an event planner and coordinator with members of the entertainment industry. Anderson models her political approach after that of the legendary Oakland Activist Wilson Riles. I've done a lot for my community, from drives, to an event for domestic violence. We're working a lunch on Valentines Day, to be held at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church. Ms. Anderson's View On Critical Oakland Issues The Occupy Movement" "The Occupy Movement has lost its merit because of the violence. It seems that it's lost its meaning, and it has to re-discover what it's about that's constructive." Her Platform: Help The Children Of Oakland "I want to implement more programs for the children of Oakland," she says. "That's the problem in the streets now. The young people are using drugs; they need more positive things to do. The young people are our future. I work with the youth, and I know what the problems are. We need an intervention program for youth. Resources can be found via reacting out to the entertainment industry; I have vast experience in doing that. But the money we have must be reallocated to help the children. We have to stop closing schools and building prisons." Meet Theresa Anderson this Thursday, February 9th at 4 PM, at the Oakland City Hall Plaza Steps.


  1. Please contact me regarding participation in an At-Large Councilmember Candidates Forum in early October, 2012, sponsored by the North Hills Community Association. Jim Dexter 650 575 1745

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